Details of Our $69 Website Deal

Contract: There isn't one

You don't have to sign a long-term contract for our $69/month deal. We put a basic user agreement on the invoice. That's it.

We bill quarterly in advance. Your site goes live as soon as it is ready, and only then does the clock start on your first 3 months of service.

More Than 4 Pages? Fewer?

If you only need 1, 2 or 3 pages on your site, it's still $69/month, but you can add the rest later for nothing. Should you need more than 4 pages, a form page, some special feature, animated photos, or anything beyond words and pictures, we can certainly add them. We'll quote these separately on request.

If You Already Have a Domain Name

The domain name registration is included. Unlike other web companies, we register your domain in your name and with your contact info -- because it's yours. If you already have a domain name you want to use, that's fine as long as you can sign into it and make the appropriate changes.


By "updates" we mean changes to your existing content, which includes changes to your words and your images. Just email us with the changes you want, and typically we'll make them by the end of the following business day. Naturally if you need an urgent change (price increase, new phone or address, an employee has left) we'll change that information sooner. Changes to the design of the site, additional pages or additional features are not included, but our prices are reasonable.

Photos and Images

The package includes at most 4 photos per page, including any banner photos. We can quote you on adding more. You may want a slide show of images, and we can certainly add that for a small setup fee.

Visitor Statistics

The site visitor statistics are extensive and informative. To sign in and look at your visitor statistics, you will need a Gmail or Google Apps account. Gmail accounts are free and easy to set up.

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